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Download complete university, polytechnic and college of education project topics and materials ( PDF & Ms-word) in Nigeria.

Final year is usually one of the busiest times in the university, polytechnic and college of education undergraduate and post graduate students. Going to class submitting assignment, present term papers, writing test exam and combining it with project work is always the trend in most schools in Nigeria.

Project which is always the biggest unit course, is usually neglected due to the time frame and lack of adequate resources to write a complete and acceptable project report in most cases. Final year students do complain of lack of materials to carry out their work.

It’s on this page we encourage various researchers to upload their academic research work for sale and also take further steps to compile enormous project topics and materials for university, polytechnic and college of education students to ease their stress.

Buying project materials on Edustore.NG is simple and hassle-free. All you just have to do is to create an account locate your choice of topic/work and pay with your debit card (Master, Visa, Verve). And once the transaction is successful, it will give you the access to download your material automatically through your dashboard.

The good reason for creating an account on Edustore.NG will give you the benefit of storing your purchases in your account to allow you download them again at a later date when you feel the need. Registering an account is free and takes 20 seconds or less.

See the list of the project topics and materials below. If you find your choice, click on it to see the complete project and how to download it. Whether in PDF or word.

Management B.S.C, HND, ND, PHD Project Topics And Materials

Business Administration



Public Administration

Office Technology

Banking And Finance

Industrial Relations And Personnel Management


Science B.S.C, HND, ND, Project Topics And Materials


Computer Sciences

Micro Biology



Botany And Micro




Medical Sciences

Home And Rural Economic

AGRICULTURE B.S.C, HND, ND, Project Topics And Materials

Agricultural Economics And Extension

Animal Science And Technology

Crop Science And Horticulture

Forestry And Wildlife Management

Soil Science And Land Resources Management

Food Science And Technology

Fisheries And Aquaculture

SOCIAL SCIENCE B.S.C, HND, ND, Project Topics And Materials

Political Science

Mass Communication




Geography And Planning

ARTS B.S.C, HND, ND, Project Topics And Materials

African Languages

English Language And Literature




Religious Studies

Theatre Arts

Environmental Sciences B.S.C, HND, ND, Project Topics And Materials


Environmental Management


Estate Management

Urban & Regional Planning

Visual Arts

Engineering B.S.C, HND, ND, Project Topics And Materials

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanic Engineering

Petroleum Engineering



Library And Information Science

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