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These are Uni project topics and Polytechnic Project topics made for public administration. Also these are complete works with available well written chapters 1 to chapter 5 for final year students in public administration. View public administration project topics below.

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Public Administration Project Topics & Materials PDF Download

Download complete public administration Project Topics and Materials pdf From Chapter 1-5 including the Abstract, Proposal, Introduction, Literature Review, Data Analysis and Presentation, Conclusion, Recommendation, References/Bibliography, Questionnaires.

1. Age Grade Association As An Agent Of Rural Development

2. An Evaluation Of Ethnicity And Issue Of Political Development In Nigeria

3. Democracy And Islamic Sect/Boko Haram In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Goodluck Jonathan Regime)

4. Global Financial Meltdown And Its Effects On Nigeria Banking Sector

5. Management Of Employee Grievances In Nigerian Public Corporation

6. Manpower Development And Productivity In Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria

7. Press Freedom And Fundamental Human Right In Nigeria (A Case Study Of The Olusegun Obasanjo Administration)

8. Problems Of Effective Service Delivery In Government Owned Establishment

9. An Investigation Into The Problems Of Leadership In Tertiary Institutions

10. Corruption And Insecurity In Nigeria: A Fight Against It (A Study Of Economic And Financial Crime Commission)

11. Critical Assessment Of National Youths Service Corps Towards Enhancing National Integration

12. Management Training And Development Techniques In Nigeria

13. Political Leadership And Underdevelopment In Nigeria. (A Study Of Babangida’s Administration)

14. Public Policy Implementation In Nigeria And Economic Development (A Study Of The National Policy On Population 1999-2007)

15. Role Of Planning And Control To Management Efficiency And Productivity

16. Sustainable Democracy: A Dependent Variable To National Development (A Case Study Of Anambra State From 2007 – 2009) Mr. Peter Obi’s Administration.

17. The Effect Of Government Policy On Privatization And Commercialization On Nigeria Economy

18. The Effect Of Poverty On Educational Development Of The Citizens

19. The Effects Of Foreign Aids On National Development (A Study Of Foreign Health Aids To Nigeria 1999-2003)

20. The Effects Of Organizational Structure In The Management Of Organization

21. The Effects Of Poor Records Management In An Office Organization

22. The Effects Of Privatization And Commercialization Policy On National Economic Development

23. The Impact And Effectiveness Of Judicial Proceeding And Democratic Government In Nigeria

24. The Impact Of Budget Implementation In An Organization

25. The Impact Of Effective Management Of Resources In Solving Unemployment Problem In Nigeria

26. The Problem Of Retirement In Enugu State Civil Service (A Case Study Of Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board)

27. The Relevance Of Population Census To Economic Development Of Rural Areas In Nigeria.

28. The Role Of Association In Community Development

29. The Role Of Educated Nigeria Women In The Social And Economic Development Of Our Country (A Case Study Of Nigeria)

30. The Role Of Micro-Finance Bank In The Development Of Rural Areas

31. The Role Of Non-Governmental Agencies In Poverty Alleviation And The Development Of Community

32. The Role Of Non-Governmental Organizations In The Development Of Rural Areas

33. The Uses Of Committees And Group Meetings In Enhancing Decision Making In Nigeria Public Service

34. The Effect Of Privatization And Commercialization Of Government Owned Companies On Developing Economy

35. Administration Of Nigerian Capital Market And National Development, 1980 – 2009

36. An Evaluation Of The Implementation Of Servicom In The Federal Public Service In South-East Nigeria 2005 -2011

37. Investment Management Practices And Growth Of Public Enterprises

38. Performance Management Of Civil Service In 1999 – 2011

39. Transformational Leadership Behaviours (Tlbs) And Management Of Federal Universities In South Eastern Nigeria (2000-2012)

40. Politics Of Recruitment In The Civil Service (1999-2010)

41. The Impact Of The Global Economic Meltdown On The Achievement Of The Millenium Development Goals In Nigeria

42. The Role Of The Legislature In Policy Making Process

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