Sell Ebooks

If you are an author, book merchant, publisher or a project writer, you can covert your books to eBooks and sell on Edustore.NG and make money while on vacation. We have setup an online fast payment system to make payments easy for students rather than having them go to the bank to pay for your eBooks. You can receive payments from anyone anywhere in Nigeria. All you simply need to do is to convert your books into PDF or DOC format and upload, and then go to bed. When you wake up the next morning, your revenue from sales will be waiting for you. Not literally, but that is a typical scenario.

What Happens After I make A Sale And How Much Do I Get?

Your sales will be recorded in your Edustore.NG seller dashboard and we will send out payments once you option out for withdraw through your Edustore.NG seller dashboard. Before you can option out for withdraw you must reach the threshold of 1000 Naira.

You will earn 70% of each sales you make. The other 30% will be split between the affiliates (our users who help you promote your books) and the service provider (Edustore.NG)

In order to sell educational eBooks on Edustore.NG, you will need to create a seller account. Note Edustore.NG takes commissions of 30% from any sales you make.

We accept materials like Exams Past Questions and Answers, Higher Institutions Course Materials & Project Research Works.. Note all materials will be in PDF or DOC format.

Why Should I Use Edustore.NG?

Your Edustore.NG merchant account will help you grow a follower base that would be notified whenever you upload a new book. And also you will make more revenue for yourself because, all student in Nigeria will buy from you. And when they do, you know what it means. To become a merchant, login/signup.

Below is a full guide on how to become a seller on Edustore.NG


How To Create Your Seller Account

Here’s what you need to know about each step of the selling process.

STEP 1: If you are an existing online customer, please log into your account and click BECOME A SELLER. If you do not have an account with Edustore.NG, click here to create an account.

become a seller on edustore nigeria

STEP2: After you click BECOME A SELLER option, fill out the whole info on the next page

STEP 3: After you click BECOME A SELLER, your seller account will be created immediately. So to view your seller dashboard go to menu and click dashboard to view your seller account.

Congratulations your seller account has been created so now lets move to the next step on how to upload your eBooks.

STEP 4: The left side of your seller dashboard click PRODUCT and click ADD NEW PRODUCT

STEP 5: Fill out the whole info needed e.g product title, the price and also choose the category where your product belong to and also fill up the product description and upload your product image. if you don’t have an image don’t worry, we will create one for you.

STEP 6: Below the description box  INVENTORY & VARIANTS you will be ask to upload your PDF file by ticking THIS FILE IS A DOWNLOADABLE PROJECT. when you thick it, click ADD FILE to upload your PDF

STEP 7: Below, thick ENABLE PRODUCT REVIEW and click Save Product. In few minutes your product will be reviewed by the admin for Approval.

If you encountered any problem while  becoming a seller on Edustore Nigeria, you can send a mail to or chat live with us we are ready to assist you.